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L-F: Artemisia by simpuruu-hime L-F: Artemisia by simpuruu-hime



NAME: Artemisia Barberry Caraway
AGE: 14
HOUSE: Gryffindor (4th Year)

BIRTHDAY: July 24th
HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 160cm /52kg

Core: Dragon Heartstring

Wood: Elm

Length: 12 inches

Flexibility: Solid

Petrificus Totalus (body-binding curse) : A curse that completely, but temporarily, paralyses the victim.

Finite Incantatem (counterspell): Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.

Tergeo (siphoning spell): Used to draw material such as liquids or dust off of a surface. Often used for cleaning wounds.

Expelliarmus (disarming charm): Causes the target’s wand to fly from their hand; with sufficient power behind it, it may throw a victim back forcefully.

Protego (shielding charm): Creates a shield from the caster’s wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.

Impervius: Renders an object – often an article of clothing – impermeable to many substances and outside forces, including water.

ELECTIVE CLASSES: Study of Ancient Runes & Care of Magical Creatures

EXTRA CURRICULAR: Magical Theory & Hogwarts Orchestra


Bold | Strong-minded | Dignified/well-mannered | Idealistic | Motivated | Proud/Narcissistic | Sensible | Closet Romantic | Sly | Snobbish | Impatient

From birth Artemisia was raised to become the ideal pureblood girl; imposing, strong, sophisticated and elegant (and as such that is how she tries to behave). As a child of the Caraway family she puts a ridiculous amount of pressure on herself to achieve the best. Anything less was not acceptable, especially since her elder brother had proved himself rather worthy of his position as the family heir. This pressure leads her to breaking down at times and holing herself up in her bedroom, away from human company. To be completely truthful, she would be willing to divulge her worries in another but she finds it extremely difficult to be able to place that amount of trust in another person. Nevertheless, she manages to persevere and appear outside the next day without so much a hair out of place.

Even though she occasionally denies worrying about how others see her it’s a huge part of who she is  but she does know that as long as she believes in herself she’ll be one step closer to the acceptance of others. In saying this, she takes great pride in her appearance; which includes both her physical appearance and the status she has among her peers. And though she has no problem speaking her mind she does tend to hold back in order to keep up a composed demeanour; which sometimes causes her to appear pretentious; or even clueless.

Despite her quest for approval and esteem, she remains strong in her beliefs and will not allow them to falter in order to ‘fit in’ with the masses. Of course, if someone is able to logically convince her that her beliefs should be ‘altered’ she will take due consideration. Should she give in, one could expect her to announce it indirectly and with some difficulty. In fact, Artemisia generally refrains from sharing her opinion unless it is something she feels passionate about or if she believes that the other person is completely out of their mind. However, she would do whatever it takes if it was for something she truly desired. 

As much as her idealistic and traditional views influence her, she does manage to maintain a sensible and considerate outlook most of the time. However, she does tend to feel a sense of superiority towards her own beliefs. And if someone asked her for assistance she would feel rather honoured because it would prove that she was ‘better’ at something than another person. Or at least, confirm that she was good at something. She’s one of those individuals who require quite a bit of validation to feel completely confident in herself.

To be completely honest she cares little for blood status but she is rather partial towards purebloods. Muggleborns just seemed so… foreign and there was little culture and history to them (not the kind she was interested in anyway). She wouldn’t stoop so low as to refer to others with derogatory words but she may make an effort to cut any interaction short. Besides, it wasn’t as if her entire family was completely pure. She was certain her great-great Aunt twice removed married a muggleborn and had little muggleborn children to boot.

Her highly idealised world view plays a central role in her understanding of relationships; familial, romantic or friendship-wise. She believes the family must be put first and foremost and the only acceptable form of relationship is when both parties share a mutual understanding with each other. Which is why she has difficulty making friends in the first place. Once someone manages to properly befriend her, Artemisia becomes awfully protective and tends to take them under her wing. That being said she has only ever considered two people to be true friends in her fourteen years of life.

Love, on the other hand, was completely alien to her and her idea of a romantic relationship is highly influenced by her readings of historical romances which tended to begin with an arranged marriage and end with, well, elopement. However the stories of forbidden romances did garner her interest. It was the one thing she allowed herself to ‘rebel’ with. But it is highly unlikely that she would consider ‘dating’ another individual unless they had befitting qualities. Besides, she places a higher emphasis on achieving magical and personal excellence rather than finding her ‘true’ love (especially since she isn’t quite high enough in the academic ladder to be satisfied yet).



+ Being pampered                                    

+ Social events                                               

+ Treacle tarts, Treacle fudge                      

+ Giving fashion advice to those she deems worthy

- Indecision & emotional outbursts

- Being overlooked

- Coarse textures & fabrics

- Witch Weekly (Their advice is absolutely dreadful)


Arte was born into a pureblood family, well, as pureblood as they could be with squibs and muggleborns interweaved into the mix. But they didn’t mention those outliers much, if ever. As pureblood families went, hers was rather typical. She lived in a large ancestral home with her parents, her older brother and her old-fashioned grandmother from her father’s side. They lived a life of opulence and privilege, house elves present to do any physical chore required.

Despite living with their parents she and her brother were predominantly raised by her grandmother since her parents were usually busy with their respective jobs. She hardly ever saw them outside of family gatherings and social events. Her upbringing focused heavily on the more traditional ways of viewing things because her grandmother held the values of a pureblood supremacist since she was raised in a family which valued blood status above all and also focused on maintaining a perfect reputation.

But her older brother managed to provide a refreshing contrast to the rigid teachings of their grandmother. After he begun his schooling at Hogwarts and meeting some rather wayward characters, he returned home as a more defiant individual though he never once forgot his status as heir (the thought of the consequences overcame any thought of stupidity in that regard).  And he was able to wiggle some of his own lessons in, giving her some tips and tricks to get around their parents; slipping the occasional rebellious thought into her mind.

As soon as she could speak her grandmother wasted no time in instilling the Caraway family values into Arte. As highly unlikely as it seemed, her grandmother liked to claim that Artemisia’s first words were ”Excellentia Dominatur”. It was the family motto, and served to become the basis for her understanding of a world in which ‘Excellence dominates’. And in a reflection of this motto, Caraway children were generally sorted into the houses of Slytherin and Ravenclaw.

By the time she was five, her brother Sage had already started his schooling at Hogwarts. He had been sorted into the Slytherin house and hadn’t failed to regale her with tales of magic and adventure every time he returned home for break. With each tale she became more and more absorbed into the world of magic, her grandmother’s teachings hadn’t delved too deeply into the matter and she began to read about it. Never the spell books though. She only really found interest in the history of it and how it came about; the accidents and experiments, the successes and failures.

When she was old enough to have tutors called in to kick-start her learning they came for hours a day to drill all the information they deemed necessary knowledge into her. Her days became filled with lessons upon lessons with little time for herself. She hadn’t even managed to befriend another child her age and rarely saw them too. The only time she was able to converse with someone her age was during the occasional social parties but the conversation was always stilted and stiff. And she also discovered that social events became arenas for passive aggressive interactions.

The first time she accidentally performed underage magic was when grandmother ripped the book she was reading in half in favour of learning proper tea party etiquette. Her anger bubbled, causing the tea set to tremble and shake upon the table top, cracks appearing across the porcelain before her grandmother could stop her. After that her grandmother avoided being so rough with the books and made certain that Arte fully agreed lest another tea set was ruined. (You see, despite the fact they could be repaired, her grandmother didn’t quite enjoy watching her prized possessions be abused like that and she hadn’t wanted to cast a protective charm over them either).

When she first received her Hogwarts acceptance letter she allowed herself to relax for the day, making sure to hide away from her grandmother lest she be drilled with more bigoted drivel. Her readings added to her interactions with a curious young half-blood girl (the younger sister of her brother’s friend) made her see things in a, well, slightly different manner. In any case, she smiled fondly at the letter, eager at the prospect of having even more books at her fingertips and be free from the domineering nature of her grandmother. Her parents had even taken the day off of work (albeit reluctantly) to celebrate with her and present her with her Pomeranian, Sorrel.

The day after she received her letter, her brother took her to Diagon Alley to collect her supplies. (She wasn’t able to reuse his because, well, he’d managed to deface each page in one way or another, besides, Caraways didn’t do hand-me-downs unless it was an heirloom of course). She’d never been to the Alley really and it was an interesting experience with all the people bustling about. It was hard to imagine how she’d be going to school with many of the blurred faces she’d seen bustling around her.  And once they’d returned home she’d poured over the texts, eager to find out what she’d be learning in the coming year.

On the day she was to leave for Hogwarts, her parents took her to the station, her brother already having left by himself. But before that, her grandmother had pulled her aside and had her recite the family motto and all the things she must remember to do. And above all, she was to excel in her studies and ‘avoid’ the muggleborns; not that Arte was going to listen to that of course. She’d decided that she would associate with who she wanted to for whatever reasons she decided.

The Hogwarts Express was a curious thing, but she did find herself content once she’d been able to purchase some Treacle fudge for her journey. It was a rather pleasant trip and she wasn’t the least bit nervous about school. In fact, she had bubbled with a quiet excitement throughout the trip. She hadn’t even thought about which house she’d end up in, all of them would be the same in her opinion since they all studied the same content.

When the first years were herded into the Great Hall she couldn’t help but look around. The history behind it made her swoon and she could do little to contain her impatience to be housed. Whichever one she’d end up in, she was certain she would be able to flourish. While she was glancing around, she caught the gaze of her brother who nodded to her slightly to reassure her. Not that she’d needed reassuring but it was rather pleasant to have the support there.

Her name had been called rather quickly and she was swift in getting to the stool. The sight of the Sorting Hat had her wrinkling her nose but she dismissed it for the moment, allowing the hat to sit comfortably on her head. Arte had almost flinched in surprise when the hat’s voice spoke to her in her mind. She’d heard about it but experiencing it was an entirely other matter. It seemed to be deliberating on which house to place her in and she’d gotten rather worried since the others before her hadn’t seemed to take so long but perhaps it was only because it was her sitting there in front of the crowd now. ’Very ambitious… a high regard for intelligence… but bold, very bold. Perhaps too bold-‘

And without further ado- she was placed into Gryffindor. The fact had her shocked; was she not intelligent enough or cunning enough? But just as soon as the thoughts drifted across her mind she pushed them away. There hadn’t been a Gryffindor in the Caraway family since ten generations ago. But if she recalled correctly, that Caraway had been rather successful so Arte was satisfied by the outcome, plus the wondrous Golden Trio had been part of the House of the Brave so she was more than happy to be part of it. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but contemplate the reactions of her family. One look at her brother had told her that he had been just as surprised as her but he’d given her another nod and shooed her off to the Gryffindor table without a pause.

While she studied at Hogwarts she was able to quench her thirst for improvement and perfection; piecing together the bits and pieces of magical history that she hadn’t been able to while being badgered by her grandmother back home. Her school studies themselves were going rather well though she did have trouble competing with her Ravenclaw counterparts and even a few in the Slytherin  and Hufflepuff houses. Her brother had also graduated at the end of her first year and begun his Auror training. She became well-versed in the ways of a pureblood socialite (to her chagrin or perhaps not since she came to enjoy them) and continued to read about the history of anything and everything magical.



Bettel Oleander Caraway: Father/45– works at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of International Magical Cooperation.

Cassia Lovage: Mother/43– works at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries as a Healer.

Valerian Sage Caraway: Brother/20 – is in his third and last year of Auror training.

Olida Rosemary Caraway: Grandmother/72 – social busybody, previously a Herbologist.

- She plays the flute; mostly because it is able to produce the sort of sounds she finds pleasing.

- She keeps a diary and writes in it every day without fail.

- If possible (she usually makes time) she’ll read one book on Magical history each night.



Theme Songs (how do you even pick these things--)

Song I: I am Strong – Polly Scattergood

Song II: My Immortal – Evanescence 

Song III: The Truth Beneath the Rose – Within Temptation

Song IV: Power & Control – Marina and the Diamonds


PET: [Sorrel]



Affectionate | Friendly | Cautious | Intelligent | Playful

Sorrel was gifted to Artemesia by her parents when she received her Hogwarts letter. The affection between the two is ridiculous strong and they spend much time primping together. Sorrel is playful and energetic, a complement to Artemesia’s more subdued personality. Although she’s rather friendly, she is cautious of strangers and may behave aggressively. Artemesia also uses the finest pet shampoo to make Sorrel’s fur fluffy and soft.



Jason Grayson: BFFs

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