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April 7, 2013
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MnG: Alphonse Neumann by simpuruu-hime MnG: Alphonse Neumann by simpuruu-hime
Update 7/8/2013: I.. I tried to paint-- //sobs

Gaiz rp wit meh plox <3 //kicked

★Name: Neumann, Alphonse
★Age: 17
★Height: 183cm [6ft]
★Weight: 75kg [165lb]
★Ethnicity: German
★Sexual Orientation: Apple-sexual
Duet with le bro (?) Stephan is Mi-chan~

★Year: Sophomore
★Level: Intermediate

- Watching the sky
- Exercising/being active
- Playing around
- Teasing people (especially playing pranks on Stephan)
- Physical contact
- Challenges 
- Stephan
- His pet rock, Apple
- Talking to people (esp. sweet talking)
- Things done perfectly (or near perfectly)
- Apple strudels, apple tarts, apple torts… Apples

- Storms he's kind of extremely terrified of them and may in certain circumstances need comforting
- Maths. Anything to do with numbers.
- Being bored
- Silence/quiet people
- Sitting still
- Swearing/vulgar language (he finds it an improper use of language; he'll punch Stephan when he catches him swearing in German)
- People who can’t swim (mostly because of what happened in the past)
-Squids/Octopus... tentacle creatures begone!

- Carefree
- Friendly
- Oblivious
- Competitive (about the oddest things)
He’s a laidback sort of fellow; going with the flow until Stephan kicks his butt into line. He gets things done on time; not early, never early, but just in time even if it means pulling an all-nighter. He disapproves of people who don't put in the effort to complete things though, and gets a bit touchy if something isn't done well enough. It doesn't have to be 100% perfect, but it still needs to be relatively good. Though he’s rather gung-ho about whatever he’s interested in and rushes into things without so much as a second thought (he’ll give it one and a half – the half usually attributed to thinking about how Stephan would react and if he’d be told off about it). He enjoys making things fun or at the very least, amusing for himself. 

He’s not particularly observant especially if he’s making people feel uncomfortable; he’ll continue until they tell him to stop or it gets so obvious that there couldn’t be anything else to mistake their reaction as. In terms of what he’d do when confronted with someone in need of comforting, he’d try his best to make them feel better but he’s not very good at it at all. If anything, he may even make them feel worse because he hardly ever thinks his words through before saying them. Sometimes he’ll say something unexpectedly deep and meaningful without realising it; he’s rather open-minded to new ideas (especially if they promise some sort of excitement).

He tends to be more subdued with people he doesn’t know as well, though it isn’t much of a change from the usual. Nevertheless, he’s quite the sweet talker and has a way with words when he feels like it. Plus he’s not very secretive or closed off, if you ask him he’ll generally tell you (unless it’s related to his sister).

His tendency to try new things sometimes causes him grief because he stresses over how to do it properly and what he should be doing to try his best at the very least; it makes him conflicted at the best of times since he tends to try and be carefree about things but he can't help it.

He grew up in Germany with his family. His father and mother, an older brother, Stephan and his younger sister, Belle. His family is rather well off; which explains how they were able to send both sons overseas to study. He attended a private school with his brother; learning math, science, literature, music and arts, history and geography. Learning English was a compulsory subject although they could take up additional languages after 5th year (where he chose French which he later dropped, picking up Japanese because it seemed interesting and he'd found out about the swim academy in Japan about this time too).

When they were younger there had been a massive storm causing the usually small stream to flood, the current was strong and running dangerously fast. Their pet puppy ran outside startled when a particularly loud burst of thunder resounded through the air and their younger sister dashed outside into the darkness. They were quick to follow after her and were close to reaching her when she was balancing across the log that went from one side of the stream to the other, the puppy safely in her arms. They could tell the log was at breaking point, they called out to tell her to come back but as she turned towards them the wood beneath her feet collapsed and she slipped under water, the water quickly dragging her downstream. Alphonse stood by the bank in shock, feeling terrified at the rush of water before Stephan jumped in after their sister. He ran beside the river as Stephan swam, finding it difficult to keep up before he realised that Stephan had stopped and was clinging to a boulder, yelling at him to help their sister. He debated what to do before rushing back to their home to get their father before anything worse happened, hoping that he would know what to do. By the time he returned to the river, they found their sister had drowned, the puppy nowhere in sight; and Stephan still clinging to the boulder.

Afterwards their parents felt the utmost guilt, taking every care to make sure the two boys received the best they could offer them; and more importantly, having them taught by the best swim teacher available to them. He never came close to any sort of running river afterwards; avoiding the subdued stream on their property thereafter. Alphonse quickly found a passion in swimming, feeling guilty at being utterly useless when his sister had fallen in, and pursued the pastime to a more serious level which was how they found out about the academy and why they had applied to study overseas rather than remain in Germany.

★Additional Info:
- His necklace was given to him by his grandmother before he left for Japan (it matches with Stephan’s). It’s a Lepidolite stone which is meant to grant luck and protection. Some say it helps with hope and acceptance, helping with transitions, allowing them to communicate more easily. [Not that he believes all that fancy shmancy stone voodoo *cough*; but he wears it anyway because he loves his grandmother]

- He likes watching the sky because it represents freedom, hope even. Which is why his favourite form is back stroke because he can see the sky (unless it’s indoors obviously).

- He’s not particularly neat, nor is he overly messy. He organises things in a way in which only he’d be able to understand just why things are where they are.

- Languages are pretty much his only strong point in study. Anything that doesn't involve numbers really. [German, English, Japanese]

- He has a pet rock called Apple and it's shaped like a rabbit. But not really. He drew eyes on it in marker when he was 10.

Stephan – older brother <3 They’re super duper uber close.
+ A couple of peeps he's friends with but I'm too lazy to go through and get them atm LOL

Roommate: Hamasaki, Mi
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